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Featured Assets

Coin Last Price Change Volume
Bitcoin Logo   BTC   Bitcoin $ 32,685.47 -4.12 % 34.81893
LIBO Logo   LIBO   LIBO $ - - - - % - -
Ethereum Logo   ETH   Ethereum $ 1,968.39 -6.22 % 945.27415
Coin Last Price Change
Bitcoin Logo   BTC   Bitcoin $ 32,685.47 -4.12 %
LIBO Logo   LIBO   LIBO $ - - - - %
Ethereum Logo   ETH   Ethereum $ 1,968.39 -6.22 %


Earn for Trading

LiboPro is the first exchange that pays traders, both Makers and Takers get paid everyday. LiboPro distributes 90% of trading fees on the exchange to traders every 24 hours. No minimum amount requirement, just trade and earn.

Comprehensive Trading

You can trade in all forms you are pleased with on LiboPro. Our Exchange engine integrates and spell out trading types of different forms for usage understanding, ranging from the simplest Limit order to more complex OCO.

P2P FIAT Conversion

One of the most important service in the African Crypto Market, LiboPro integrates a secure and save P2P FIAT conversion of Cryptocurrency assets. You can now trade and convert with ease on one platform.

Buy/Sell P2P Services

With the African Crypto World lacking in direct Cryptocurrency payment for services, LiboPro is introducing this concept. You can now Buy or Sell services for Cryptocurrency.

24/7 Support

We are always pleased to help you through any issues you may encounter using our services, we are open everytime and anytime on the platform, throught direct calls and on our media outlets.

Active Community

LiboPro has an active community on many social platforms, users can interract on issues related to the Exchange and also table any issue they encounter using the exchange for solution.

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