About LiboPro Exchange


LiboPro is a versatile Cryptocurrency exchange created with the a watchword of all-in-one where our users enjoy all form of services without a need for multiple account as was the case, we provide many financial services targeting different regions in the world.

The exchange is a masterpiece of innovation and technology, implementing many trading concepts and financial services with a good User Experience. LiboPro have implemented not less than Eleven Order types in Spot Trading giving users the best choice of trading ever in the Crypto world, users can now decide how to trade with multiple options.


Our primary service is cryptocurrency assets exchange with the most prominent being Spot Trading, users can exchange in the most convenient way possible. Other cryptocurrency exchange services we render is Contract Trading and LiboFunding. While futures trading on many cryptocurrency exchanges have proven fatal to users' funds our Contract Trading is a replica of the real world Futures Contract, you decide the contract to enter after confirming its the most beneficial for you in which case you won't be adversely affected in any way. Our LiboFunding redefine ICO and IEO and introduces the one thing that those concepts are missing, the concept of Shareholding.

Other services we render includes Crypto to FIAT conversion and Buying Services with Cryptocurrency.

All our services have being tailored to be of good effect on our users, we believe in fair trading and help prevent users' fund loss in all forms.


Our primary market target is Africa as evident in our P2P services which is the most important financial service for Cryptocurrency in Africa. We will continue to expand to all regions and as fast as possible obtaining legal rights to operate and render our services in those region


LiboPro Cryptocurrency Exchange is located in Delta State, Nigeria. With many other branch and representative across Nigeria. Our team however comprises of multiple nationalities each working on making LiboPro services locally suited to users from those Countries. As we expand, we will continue to establish physical presence in those and other Countries with a working branch.


Okagbare Andrew - Chairman and Co-Founder

Nsikak Liberty - CEO and Co-Founder

Oyetunji Ibrahim - CTO