LIBO Token

LIBO token (LIBO) is the official token for LiboPro platform, LIBO is a payment token and used as trading fee on the exchange. Usage of the token has been planned to grow with introduction of new services, the token will also be usable on all our services.

LIBO will be a payment token, we're partnering with many platforms that renders crypto payment as a service to incorporate LIBO and make it the best payment token.

The exchange will also provide a payment service through our token, this will enable the lightning fast payment protocol using our exchange API. The problem with Cryptocurrency has always been scalability but centralised platforms have excelled in this. So, using our centralised exchange with decentralised nature of Cryptocurrency, we will implement a payment token that will be scalable and at the same time decentralised. Users will pay merchants through the exchange, with the transaction happening off-chain, it will be fast and scalable.

LIBO is an ERC 20 token on the Ethereum platform with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 the release of the token will span up to 10 years.

LIBO will be the first token to implement Libo-Funding, 20% will be sold and all Libo- Funding protocols followed which include important investors becoming a shareholder and share in company's development and decision making.

Since LIBO is a payment token, the token must be extremely liquid. LIBO will be listed on multiple exchanges, LiboPro Exchange will be the first to list the token, then the token will be listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges with at least 3 listings in every quarter of the year, we will do this until the token is on as many exchanges as required then the pace will be reduced. LIBO will also be available on physical Fiat-crypto exchanges across the world, we are partnering with companies that render those service.

Token Name: LIBO

Token Ticker: LIBO

Token contract address: 0x9eca5f868Df060672ce77ddA26Bc8bAD5dc6e33B

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000