LiboPro Pool Explanation

LiboPro is the first centralised exchange that incentivise trading participants. Trading participants will share a revenue pool based on the percentage of their participation in the market. LiboPro is also the first ever exchange that incentivise both MAKERS and TAKERS, unlike other exchanges that gives only to MAKERS, on LiboPro, everyone is entitled to a share in the pool.

The Pool

The pool is made up of trading fees within the pool duration. Each pool duration is 24 hours. A pool is created for each trading pair on the site, for example BTC/USDT pool. Within the 24 hours, fees for all trades made on the trading pair is gathered in the pool. To see what fee LiboPro charge for trading

Pool Distribution

1) General: Each pool is generally divided into three

  • 80% for MAKERS
  • 10% for TAKERS
  • 10% for the Exchange

2) Distribution

For MAKERS: The 80% above is distributed between MAKERS in this format

  • 70% goes to users who have executed MAKERS order i.e a MAKER order that was taken
  • 30% goes to users who have pending MAKERS order.

The 70% and 30% will then be distributed to BUY and SELL orders. The distribution rate will be according to the percentage of the BUY and SELL in the total that make up the executed orders (for 70%) and pending orders (for 30%).

Each user will then receive a share based on the percentage of the user's executed and pending orders in the total orders.

For TAKERS: The 10% above will be shared between all users who have taken an order from the order book. Since TAKERS order can't be pending, it will be distributed among all executed TAKERS order. The 10% will be distributed to BUY and SELL TAKERS order based on the percentage of each in the total executed TAKERS order.

Each user will then receive a share based on the percentage of the user's executed orders in the total TAKERS order.

For Exchange: The exchange will take 10% of each pool for service and maintenance.

How To Use The Pool

Every user is automatically enrolled for a share in the pool of trading pair when the place a MAKER or TAKERS order. Nothing needs to be done to get enrolled.

To view all pending pools (current ongoing pools) check Note that all time is in UTC. When the pool is complete (after 24 hours) a calculate button pops up, when clicked, the pool calculation is carried out and after that all users who has participated in the market can go to to claim there share of the pool. The amount gotten will be added to the user's balance and can be withdrawn immediately.