LiboPro Announces Libo Pool

2nd, October 2020

Last Update :2nd, October 2020

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LiboPro Introduces Pools

Libopro Pool Is an initiative by LiboPro exchange with our customers and traders in mind. The Pool services offers both project owners and community traders the opportunity to trade and get the chance to share from the 90% of the trading fees generated in a particular pool.

Traders are a core pillar of crypto exchanges and should be regarded as such, so LiboPro recognizes this fact and has decided to reward liquidity providers within the exchange system.

A Quick FAQ On The Pool.

Ques : How Do I participate?

Ans: You can do this by actively depositing and trading on any of the markets provided by or on the LiboPro exchange e.g. BTC/USDT, ETH/BTC etc.

Ques : Who is Eligible?

Ans : The Pool is open to ALL who can deposit and trade any of the cryptocurreny actively listed on LiboPro.

Ques : How Do I Exactly Provide Liquidity?

Ans : You do this by trading like you always do on other exchanges, you trade tokens you feel generate enough fees in their pool so as to have a share or trade any of the tokens you are actively involved in.

Ques : What Do I Earn?

Ans : In total, all active traders get a share from the 90% of trading fees generated in a particular pool for the period of time the pool was Running (Within 24Hr). See this Page for the fee payment breakdown.

Ques : Can I Be A Maker and a Taker?

Ans : This depends on the traders, and Yes you can do both if you want to.

Ques : How do I get my Reward?

Ans : You get to claim your rewards at the end of the day (24Hr period) by clicking the Calculate button and heading over to “My Unclaimed Pools” tab and claim your calculated rewards.

Ques : Can Rewards Be Withdrawn?

Ans : Pool rewards can be withdrawn anytime the user wants to. Yes, even as soon as rewards hits your exchange wallets. You can see your claimed pools on the Pools History.