How to Use The Exchange

10th, September 2020

Last Update :10th, September 2020

LiboPro exchange was built with simplicity and good user experience in mind, many of the site actions are self explanatory or have been explained in details in an article, so please always refer to the article page if you don't understand any concept, if you can't find it there or don't understand still, then go to our social media outlet like Telegram and ask the admins.

To start using the full service of LiboPro, you must register and confirm your email. The confirmation email will be sent to you immediately after registration click on the confirm email link and your email will be confirmed, then your account will be active.

NOTE: We use a letter and number based captcha for convenience. The captcha is always Lowercase letters.

After registration, login to your account. You can explore the site at first to familiarise yourself with the site. For any form of trading like spot, P2P Fiat or Services, just click on the link and execute the trades.

Our fees and limits are on the fees page. You can find the link to those important pages on the site footer tag STATUS.

To use our API services please refer to our API documentation age. The link is available on the site footer tag SUPPORT.

If you are experiencing issues then you can refer to our FAQs page. Link to the FAQs page is on the site footer tag SUPPORT.

If you are experiencing any issue not listed on the FAQs page, you can contact support for help. the link to open a new support ticket is on the site footer tag SUPPORT. You can choose between email or live support. For email support, the whole conversation will be through email but you will be able to see the email history on the support ticket page. For live support, you will chat directly with our support agent.

To know what data we collect and how we handle it, go to our Privacy Policy page. FOr our Terms, go to our Terms and Conditions page all available from the site footer tag ABOUT US.

We hope you have a good experience on LiboPro and that you continue using our Exchange.

With love from LiboPro.