LiboPro Privacy Policy

[Last Update: 7th of September 2020]

This Privacy Policy statement clearly states LiboPro's collection, reason for collection, usage and protection of user data on the LiboPro website. The term "we", "us" and "our" in this statement refers to LiboPro. By using LiboPro, you consent to the LiboPro Privacy Policy as contained in this document. LiboPro reserve the right to change the contents of this document at any time without any selfish or fraudulent intention.

When you create an account on LiboPro you provide us with your First and Last name, email, username and password all of which are used for your authentication on LiboPro

To comply with global industry regulatory standard we require you to complete KYC verification on the site before you can cross some certain transaction threshold placed on non-KYC users. For your KYC verification you provide us with your full name, email, phone no, address, region, country and identity verification using Government issued ID cards for your current country of residence or citizenship.

We collect site usage data like your IP address, device information, location and traffic usage to help secure your account and our system against malicious usage or malicious account takeover by hackers that may affect your LiboPro account and/or our system and service negatively

We also collect all transaction data on the site which include deposit, withdrawal, trades and every transaction that exist on the site. This is to be able to track site usage and to help rectify any transaction problem you encounter on the site.

We use data collected from you to:
- Authenticate your identity to prevent malicious account takeovers that may lead to loss of funds or your LiboPro account
- Comply with global industry regulatory standard which include Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know-Your-Customer (KYC), and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF).
- Monitor your LiboPro usage statistics
- Help you recover your funds or account in case you encounter any transaction or account issue on the site

LiboPro uses the most advanced encryption system in encrypting your most vital details that is required by international regulatory bodies to be encrypted and we secure every other details with the best form of security. Your information will never released your data to third party and we maintain the highest level of secrecy with your data within LiboPro.
It is however impossible to guarantee 100% security, so in case you notice any data breach of any level, Please contact us immediately through our support portal.
You can also contact us for any issue you have with our Privacy Policy contained in this document. We hope to serve you better and we will always respect the trust you place on us.