LiboPro Terms and Conditions

[Last Update: 7th of September 2020]

LiboPro terms of use is entered into and agreed on by you (LiboPro user hereinafter referred to as "you" or "your") and LiboPro Cryptocurrency Exchange. The contents of this document is the complete LiboPro Terms and Conditions of Use and Service. By using LiboPro or clicking "I accept" on any accept LiboPro Terms and/or Conditions you agree that you have read, understood and accept all the terms and condition contained in this document and our Privacy Policy contained in the document on this link

LiboPro require you to read and fully understand the terms and conditions of use contained in this document. Usage of LiboPro in itself in any way means you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by LiboPro terms and conditions contained in this document.

I. Definitions

1. LiboPro refers to the whole LiboPro cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem with the main domain on, and include all LiboPro official services and applications.

2. LiboPro Operators refer to all parties that run LiboPro, including but not limited to legal persons and teams that provide LiboPro Services and are responsible for such services. Unless otherwise stated, references to "LiboPro" and "we" in these Terms specifically mean LiboPro Operators.

3. LiboPro Services refer to various services provided to you by LiboPro (and includes all third party services) that are based on Internet and/or blockchain technologies and offered via LiboPro Platform through LiboPro main domain.

4. LiboPro Platform Rules refer to all rules, interpretations, announcements, statements, letters of consent and other contents that have been and will be subsequently released by LiboPro.

5. Users refer to all individuals, institutions or organisations that access or use LiboPro or LiboPro Services and who meet the criteria and conditions stipulated by LiboPro.

6. Digital Currencies refer to cryptocurrencies with a certain value that are based on blockchain and are issued and managed in a decentralised form.

7. Digital Assets refer to Digital Currencies, their derivatives or other types of digitalised assets with a certain value.

8. LiboPro Accounts refer to the virtual account created by LiboPro for their users on registration.

9. Crypto-to-crypto Trading refers to transactions in which one digital currency is exchanged for another digital currency.

10. Crypto-to-Fiat Trading refers to transactions in which Digital Currencies are exchanged for fiat currencies or vice versa.

10. Crypto-to-Services Trading refers to transactions in which Digital Currencies are exchanged for physical or virtual services or vice versa.

II. General Terms

1. About These Terms

a. Binding Agreement

These Terms constitute a legal agreement and create a binding contract between you and LiboPro Operators.

b. Other Terms

Agreement to the terms in this document is an agreement to all other LiboPro terms which include Privacy Policy and those that will be published in future.

c. Change to LiboPro Terms

LiboPro reserves the right to change whole or part of this document at any time. Your continued use of LiboPro services after any change to these terms is deemed an agreement to the new terms.

d. Terms of use

By using LiboPro services, you consent that you have not been restricted to use such service in your country, state or region.

2. About LiboPro

LiboPro only serves as a medium for Cryptocurrency assets' exchange for other cryptocurrency assets or fiat and also Cryptocurrency payment for services. LiboPro is not responsible for the way or manner in which users use their funds or conduct services on the site.

By using our services, you agree that you have done enough research by reading about and understanding the way those services work, you also agree that you are fully responsible your trading and transactions' decision on LiboPro.

LiboPro is committed to maintaining the accuracy of the information and integrity of services provided through the LiboPro Platform, LiboPro cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, integrity, performance or appropriateness, nor shall LiboPro be liable for any loss or damage that may be caused directly or indirectly by your use of these contents or services.

LiboPro's sole aim of providing information and services is for users to make independent and thorough decisions, LiboPro does not provide investment or trading advise and LiboPro is not responsible for the use and interpretation of such information and services.

3. LiboPro usage requirements

a. Eligibility

By registering on LiboPro, you warrant that (i) you are at least 18 or are of legal age to form a binding contract under applicable laws; (ii) you have full legal capacity and sufficient authorisations to enter into these Terms; (iii) you do not currently have a LiboPro Account; (iv) you have not been previously suspended or removed from using LiboPro Services for any reason whatsoever; (v) you are a non-U.S User; (vi) your use of LiboPro Services will not violate any and all laws and regulations applicable to you, including but not limited to regulations on anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and counter-terrorist financing.

b. Identity

You consent to provide correct and accurate details about yourself and that LiboPro has the right to implement any sanction on you and/or your account if any information you provide is inaccurate or incorrect.

c. Stolen or Hacked Funds

LiboPro has the right to seize stolen or hacked funds from any source deposited on LiboPro platform if and only if the fund is proven as a stolen or hacked fund.

d. Account usage

LiboPro account can only be used by the original owner whose information was used in creating the account. LiboPro reserves the right to suspend, freeze or cancel the use of LiboPro Accounts by persons other than the original account owner.

III. LiboPro Services

a. Usage Approval

Only registered users are allowed to use any of LiboPro services.

b. Usage Restrictions

By using LiboPro you agree that (i) you are of legal age and you have no restriction on using such service in your country, state or region; (ii) you will never use our services for any fraudulent purposes that is deemed a crime by international standards which include but not limited to Money Laundering, Human Trafficking, and Rights Abuse.

c. Fees

You agree to pay LiboPro the fees specified in and LiboPro may, in its discretion, update the fees at any time.

You also consent that LiboPro may change or modify the fees in those two links above to any amount or percentage at any point in time.

d. Crypto-to-crypto trading

By using this service you agree that you have read and understood all trading rules and that you have full understanding of your trading type of choice and that you are solely responsible for any loss of fund arising from your ignorance, negligence or error in the usage of any of our trading services

e. Crypto-to-fiat and other services

By using this service, you understand they are mostly provided by third parties. You also consent that you have fully understood the usage of this service and that you are responsible for your usage decisions and LiboPro won't be responsible for any loss of fund arising from you usage decisions.

VI. Termination of Agreement

1. Account Suspension

By using LiboPro, you agree that LiboPro have the right to immediately suspend your Account, freeze or lock the Digital Assets or funds in such accounts, and suspend your access to LiboPro for any reason including if LiboPro suspects any such accounts to be in violation of these Terms, our Privacy Policy, or any applicable laws and regulations. The fate of the suspended account will then be decided on by the LiboPro team either to remove the suspension or cancel the account.

2. Account Cancellation

LiboPro reserves the right to cancel any account that has been decided on for cancellation by the team.

3. Cancelled Account Funds

LiboPro will give the grace of a period of one month for funds removal from a cancelled account if and only if the account wasn't cancelled on fraudulent funds acquisition issue in which case the funds is sent to LiboPro.

V. Disclaimer

1. No Financial Advise

LiboPro does not intend any content on the LiboPro platform as a financial advise, you are solely responsible for your understanding and usage of the platform and LiboPro will not be held responsible for your understanding, usage and loss of funds that may arise directly or indirectly from your transactions and trading decisions on the platform.
By using LiboPro you agree to be responsible for all transaction and trading actions you take on the platform, you also agree to be responsible for your understanding and interpretation of all contents on the platform.

VI. Miscellaneous

a. Contact Us

You can always contact us through the support page on any question regarding these terms.